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Short & Sweet Centerpieces

I believe all design aspects of your wedding should stem from the overall look and feel of your wedding venue. If you are getting married in a beautiful ballroom, large grand centerpieces would be exceptional. On the other end, if you are getting married in a more enchanting garden like enviorment, shorter whimpsical centerpieces may be more appropriate. Eitherway, I always think it's nice to have some shorter centerpieces no matter your venue. In today's post, I'd like to focus on these short, but sweet centerpieces and a few things to keep in mind when deciding to use this type of arrangement.

Medium Size - Ideally you'll want to use at least a medium size arrangement. Reason for this is that reception tables are usually very large when seating more than 8 people at a table. You don't want you're arrangement to look to small in the middle of the table.

Dress It Up! - You'll always want to add candles and petals to the area surounding your arrangements. This makes the arrangement look larger and takes up more space on the table.

Play with Arrangement Sizes - You may want to include clusters of different size arrangements, which adds more dimension to the overall look and feel of the reception. I like to mix up arrangements and have some medium size arrangements and some clusters.

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