Escort Card Details

From favors to drinks, there are dozens of ways to create a unique escort card table. Escort card tables are one of my favorite wedding day detail. Of course, there is no requirement to create an elaboratly designed table, but I find it to be a beautiful way to add a special element of design for the happy couple's wedding day. I've listed a few of of my favorite details to include in an escort card table.

Folded Cards

If you are doing a folded escort card I suggest having the guests name on the outside of the fold and the table number inside. It makes for a more elegant clean look.

Here are examples of how the escort card should be addressed:

For a married couple (formal): Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens

For a married couple (less formal): John and Jane Stevens

For an unmarried couple, alphabetize the guests according to their last name: Elizabeth Madden and Thomas Smith

For someone with a guest: Andrew Chan and Guest

For a family: The Craft Family

Shape of Escort Card Table

The size and shape of the table completely depends on the location of the table. For example, if the table will be at an entrance of a room beneath a chandelier I think the best option would be a round table with a beautiful arrangement in the middle. If the table will be against a wall, then perhaps a rectagular shaped table would be more appropriate.


I think it's a great idea to incorperate the theme of your wedding into the escort card table. For example if you are going for a whimsical garden vibe, then placing your escort cards on a bed of grass with flower elements would be beautiful. If your overall theme is love and romance then a fence with the escort cards tied to them with a ribbon and vintage key would be a fun idea. And lastly, if your theme is all about having an amazing time and getting the party started you may want to include a cocktail with the escort card!

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